[Minoura X Modoru Kikaku] Lusso-mM 2-way Bike Storage Stand (자전거 거치대)

일본의 modora kikaku 회사와 콜라보로 제작 된 2방향 자전거 스탠드 입니다.

자가 설치 상품이며 조립은 간단한 편 입니다.
제품 자체 무게만 5.5kg으로 튼튼하고 안정적인 제품입니다.

W = 560 mm
D = 670 mm
H = 1,650mm
T = 70 mm
(inside width)

<실사 샘플 사진>

  • In collaboration with modorukikaku from Japan
  • Stores bike in 2different orientations ; vertical and horizontal
  • Vertical orientation is great for longer storage and saves valuable space
  • Horizontal orientation is good for easy grab-and-go
  • Tire cradle and top hook are fully adjustable for a variety of wheels and tires
  • Top hook is padded to avoid scratches

Capacity and Restrictions
  • Do not use with bicycle that has mud guards or fenders installed
  • Extension bar is recommend with any long wheel base bicycle
  • Do not use with tandems
  • Mount up to 70mm width tire. Tires wider than 70mm cannot fit into this stand
  • If using an E-bicycle in a vertical position, please check the bike’s balance. Stand may be unstable

USD 199.99
Wheel size
26 – 29 inch
(maximum tire width : 2.3 inch)
Wheel base
1,100 mm less
iron / plastic
5.5 kgs
1 year

  • Designed for storage or display. Do not ride your bike when in the stand
  • Set up on a flat floor
  • Be careful of the bike’s balance when using vertically
  • Support pillar can be adjusted for height depending on the length of the bike’s wheel base
  • Be sure to adjust the black tire holder to the correct wheel size. Incorrect position will cause instability
  • Do not hang your bike from the back wheel in the vertical position

Lusso-mM Bike Storage Stand 
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